Hey people, check out my website. www.c …

7 04 2008

Hey people, check out my website.


Easter Egg Party is out! http://cyclone …

21 03 2008

Easter Egg Party is out!

http://clubpenguin.com/cpip/ The launch …

13 03 2008

The launch of Club Penguins Test servers are out s go create a penguin!
if you have one go here

Hey guys! This is weird…how’d you do …

12 03 2008

Hey guys! This is weird…how’d you do it, Dolafanini???

Hello Everyone

4 03 2008

Hello Everyone

Dolafanini Is Back!

4 03 2008

Hey Guys

Sorry, For my time away for that period of time I have been working on stuff But to make up forit i got lots of cool info!

  • Club Penguin: Improvement Project!

http://www.clubpenguin.com/cpip/ <—- It seems something new is coming! Very Interesting!

  • Aqua Grabber

New Game is called Aqua Grabber is out. When you complete it you get a Pin!

I am working on the site now and will get a whole renovation in a few hours

Waddle On!

Sad News

8 02 2008

Dolafanini WILL NOT Be on for a long time no, hes not in trouble but he is working on somehting else and No he has not forggotton about you he also expect that Cyclone, Bobo110 and snash Update this site if not It will go out the widnow. Sorry