March Cheats and Secrets

10 03 2009

Hey Penguins!

March is filled with some secrets and cheats so here you go (This page will update as Club Penguin Updates!)

oberrypin O-Berry Pin is located on the Ice Berg


The Cover of the March 2009 Cataloge

Click the pot of gold pehind the penguin for... A Pot O' Gold

Click the Pot of gold behind the girl penguin for A Pot O’ Gold

Click where to 2 spotlight form together for Red Viing Helmet

Click the area where the two spotlights meet for the Viking Helmet

Close and Open the red viking helmet 3 times for Blue!

Open and Close the Viking Helmet window for the Blue Viking Helmet

Click the Coffee Shop sign for the blue wig.

Press the Coffee Shop logo for The Spikester wig!


Click the ‘R’ in CLEARANCE for the Fruit Headdress!


Finally! Two new Player Card Background are available for 60 Coins!

Also with 2 returning Player Card backgrounds

Waddle On!

~ Dolafanini




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