31 10 2007

Hey guys, Today I saw Chewit Dude in Antarctica at the Dojo, and I asked him to be my buddy, and he accepted!chewit-buddy.jpg




6 responses

1 11 2007

im sorry but that loks like an edit and Fake

1 11 2007

no its not dola, it is real

1 11 2007

oh cool

2 11 2007

yo dude if its real and i were u i would like die, thats becuse hes my favorite penguin EVER i’d rather meet him than rockhopper!!!! i meet fire wire (hes famous) i asked him if he wanted to be friends he said no then he tried to ask me to be his buddy but the letter never came up man. well see ya bye!!! CHEWIT DUDE ROCKZ : 0 : ) !)

Finally someone thinks it’s real. People, It is real. I AM Chewit Dude’s Buddy.

2 11 2007

Lucky Hygt!

2 11 2007

lol 😛

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