Dolafanini’s CHATBOX!

10 10 2007

Click Here!

3 Simple Rules

  • 1 No swearing/cussing
  • Be Nice
  • Have Fun!
  • Enjoy!




    2 responses

    11 10 2007

    Hello You have a great popular site. 😀
    If you want to Copy my funny Pictures and
    my song you are welcome to do it!
    Also you can adopt a bub, its like a little web creature. 😛
    Also if you want to you can join a army on clubpenguin.
    It’s called the Ambu. If you could please add me to your blogroll. ❓ You don’t have to though. If yes my site is My old site got deleted by a hacker and I’m trying to get as many hits as my old site had. 🙂
    So ask me questions about anything. 😀
    Greatfully by

    31 10 2007

    hey um… Antras and Paintboy100 baned me for no reason and said i suck! plz unban me!

    Sorry they did it

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