6 10 2007





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6 10 2007
Heyyy, I’m 7pink, I’ve been playing Club Penguin for almost a year and I’ve found out TONS of glitches, tips, tricks, and cheats. My site also has in-depth game guides that have plenty of info that will help you score higher and earn more coins than ever before. I also have an Ask 7pink page where you can ask me any and ALL of your CP questions and I’ll answer them in less than 24 hours. So, please visit, and if it isn’t too much trouble 😀 Let your friends know about my site 🙂 Thanks for reading, hope you visit
xoxo 7pinkberries

6 10 2007

Want to make me a pixel penguin? Pink bikini, black guitar, small tiara, feather boa, ballet slippers, and black sunglasses, with disco ball backround.

OK. But do not keep posting visit my site over and over again i do not like that

6 10 2007

Dolafanini, how to you block people from you’re website?

6 10 2007


8 10 2007

Please dolafanini make a pixel penguin for me.I would be happy. 😀

8 10 2007

dude im gonna start freaking information brokery.


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