Pin Update

23 09 2007

The Current Pin is the Jellyfish, hidden at the Ski Lodge by the ‘Ice Fishing’ Game

Special Pins

The Special Pin is: The Tent Pin you need to get 100 Tickets to uy it at the Club Penguin Fair Prize Shop

Ive added special Pins Now! Woot

Anyways im outta here for teh day P.S

YAY!!!!!!!!!! WOOT Ok Now Bye!




8 responses

23 09 2007

Heyy! how do you change the picture at the top of the page!! i never found that! =[

23 09 2007

do you say where the pin is for every single one?

23 09 2007

I think u need to change the theme its hard to find everything now.

23 09 2007

party at half pipe!!!!!!!!! Beancuz23 initiation!!!!! all staff and king djyx requested highly to come!!!!!!!! Sunday 2:30 p.m. 9/23/07!!!!!
b there or be there (not really the last part but plz b there!)

23 09 2007

starting at the ice berg show up early or late or on time i dont care just b there!

24 09 2007

what do you mean??? for every single one???

24 09 2007

every single special pin? or hidden? or both?

24 09 2007


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