©opyright Notice!

©opyright Notice! – Report C


Here are is my ©opyright notice!
1. Do not copy my post, or put links to my post on your website saying, BLAH BLAH Wrote an interesting post on here today, If you do ill make sure you get in trouble

2. Any Stolen Work by ME Can And WILL Be Reported to wordpress.

3. If you copy my work, WITHOUT permission there will be serious issues
4. Only like to my site if yourgoing to be nice. ive seen many people go. Hey check out this DUMB Site dolafaninicp.wordpress.com that offensive and will not be acceptable and will be asked to be removed!


Have YOU Found Somebody Copying Our Images Or Breaking Rules???

Report To Us!

Just Click This Link Right Here and Fill Out the form below and Copy it into the E-Mail

Website URL/Address:

Page/Post they put it on:

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

Thank You

~Dolafanini & Staff

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©2007-2008, Dolafanini ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



6 responses

22 10 2007

How do yu make ur site a copy writed web?
help please!

Easy there like Rules 😀

23 10 2007

ooo thanx! :mrgreen:

3 11 2007

hey dola? i won your contest im themanman in 1st place so when do i become a mod on this site?

28 11 2007
28 11 2007

Did u read the part: “No. You can put a link from your web site to someone else’s web site at any time – and – anyone can put a link to your web site whenever they want. (But, since a link FROM a site would mean you had to change that site, if you don’t have the owner’s permission, you could be violating his copyright.) The Internet and the World Wide Web is out there for fair use by all – you cannot control links on the Internet – a link does not violate copyright law. There are cases pending about linking to parts of a site to bypass others, which may create new rulings.

If a offensive link is made to your site, you can respectfully request that it be removed. If that doesn’t work, watch your temper – try not to get involved in a flame war in cyberspace – just take a deep breath, relax and go on about your business. But if it gets to the point of harassment – contact an attorney.”?

Yes i read your Comment. This has been your 4th Comment on one page in 2 Hours you Have been COmment Banned and this comment will be removed in a few days plus Leave me be im a kid and im trying to Work and your tlaking away now my time

29 12 2007

Woa how do you make the snow on your page???!!!!!!!!!!?????

Its an Extra! read the wordpress news!

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